Queen Elizabeth I

Major events in Queen Elizabeth's life

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Queen Elizabeth I was an only child to her parents. Her father was King Henry VIII and her mother was Anne Boleyn. Queen Elizabeth's sovereignty lasted for a very long time. She reigned the country from the years 1558-1603. When she became Queen, the country was in trouble and there was very little money left in the country, which made things worse. By the end of her reign, England had developed to a great extent. The Queen did many positive things during her ruling.

One major action that Queen Elizabeth I did was she signed the treaty of Cateau – Cambresis. This treaty was signed with the French, making an agreement for peace between these two countries.

Queen Elizabeth I did not establish the Church of England. Her father, King Henry VIII in order to divorce his wife, Catherine, established it. He broke away from the Romanian way of religion because that kind of religion does not allow divorce. A major thing that Queen Elizabeth I did regarding the Church was that she made it permanent. When King Henry VIII was in power, he kicked out all the Protestants. When Queen Elizabeth I was ruler, she allowed the Protestants to come back. She wanted to rule against English Catholics, especially when they conspired against her by trying to dethrone her for Mary, but she did not.

In the 1600s, the East India Company was instituted. Queen Elizabeth I gave them control to bring goods from India. The East India Company made trading placements in Bombay, Calcutta as well as other cities in India. 15% of England’s imported goods came from India. The British government started to become worried about the East India Company’s power. In 1783, Charles Fox tried to convince Parliament to pass a law that would substitute the East India Company’s managers with a board of officers.

 Queen Elizabeth I supported Sir Francis Drake when he attacked the Spanish treasure. Drake returned from sailing the world in 1580. With him, he brought a load of Spanish gold that was worth 1.5 million ducats. Phillip II of Spain wanted England for himself so in 1587; he decided that it was a good time to invade England. Drake guided a raid on the Spanish Armada while Phillip was readying them. This happened in Cadiz in 1587. This raid took the Spanish by surprise. Drake succeeded to push back the Spanish invasion by one year. The Spanish Armada was attacked by storms. Only 10,000 of the 30,000 Spanish soldiers lived.